The producers


The uniqueness of a restaurant is largely marked by the territory and in it; the suppliers are the link to these selected raw materials from sustainable agriculture and fishing. We demand sustainability and seasonality, so that our tables are identified by seasonal products and closeness. In Culler we’re not just talking about cooking an environment, but to recover it, in a constant dialogue with producers and a permanent interaction with them. We work with two orchards, the ecological Adelina, a small paradise next to the restaurant, and the Finca Los Cuervos in Teo, near Santiago de Compostela, where Santi Pérez improves the product to amazing limits. We promote experimentation with ingredients to expand diners’ capacity to be surprised, to capture differences… To do that, we consider essential this important work research and support it in order to create new experiences. At the same time we create closer ties with suppliers, since the product is precisely the the axis that guides the universe created by Culler. We don’t like static menus, and the emergence of new products is always a stimulus to modify them, supplement them with more arguments, and pursue more empowered and higher flavours that cannot be deleted from memory.