Space is essential in our culinary discourse: in Culler we are interpreters of our territory; and we try that diners feel the ground by using products that come from it, cooking our environment. Our gastronomic trail begins in a privileged place, and we conceive each part of the building, the kitchen, and the whole restaurant, as a continuation of space and landscape.

The estuary of Arousa presides over the living room in a minimalist building, where the tables in the room, but also the kitchen and other multi-purpose spaces, look out to the estuary from the large windows, with Ribeira on the other side, and the islands of Noro and Vionta as spatial references, all of them entertaining diners stay. Natural light, wood and glass predominate in the Culler building, pretending to be a reflection of the environment as are our menus and dishes. We are an extension of sea and earth, and we bring all that to our dishes, where taste is essential; but since all senses are interconnected, they all matter when it comes to eating, tasting and having a good time at the table.