Fortunately, Culler de pau is surrounded by great friends, and this time we would like to talk about a very special family for us.

Maria, Fernando, Hugo and Lucas, are part of this house and we enjoy giving them to eat, sharing, and especially showing us that in the face of the problems that we find along the way, fear is transformed into courage.

If the dictionary would allow us to define courage, strength, tenacity and love, it would only be necessary to talk about this wonderful family and the hard work they do as part of the Art for Dent Association.

Through artistic and cultural expression, they seek to give visibility and raise funds for the research of minority diseases such as Dent’s and to have the necessary support to face one of the most critical moments in a family as it is to fight against a disease.

We present you a sample of his works, to which we have a special affection and that has been exposed in our house to remember the value of tenacity and the imperative need to show solidarity and get involved in the problems of our society.

Visit their website, to learn more about all the actions they are doing through the association and above all, to accompany their struggle by helping in the way that is most comfortable for everyone. We leave you a link to simplify your collaboration.

¡¡¡¡ Please research !!!!

Family, we follow you!


The sea, the garden and Culler de pau

The gastronomic history of our restaurant must remain inherent to the marine and vegetable world in each dish every day more present, leading the way of balance between flavors, fragances, textures, environments, and species.

From the village of Reboredo in O Grove, our kitchen opens its doors day by day to the outside, with small actions, firm steps, creating the story that defines us around this landscape that continues to be inspiring, in this gesture of opening architectural barriers, we find as a fundamental scenario the garden and greenhouse of Culler, a space that gives us the knowledge, experience and sensitivity necessary to be creative and understand the product with which we work. Our vision is increasingly focused on the green and the ways to take advantage of the potential that we have around us and that ends up being reflected in the table.

Aerial view of the garden and greenhouse

The responsibility we have acquired by establishing our home in this magnificent territory, makes it grow as our desires and our projects evolve.
Every cause always starts from a visible head; commanded by Javi Olleros and Amaranta Rodríguez, the whole team of Culler de pau assumes the commitment acquired as an intrinsic part of their lives, each person is part of a gear properly aligned for everything to work, each of the tasks are assumed individually as if it were a small piece of Lego, but that individuality is always transferred in the collective benefit.