They seek to awaken our senses and connect them with our emotions; it’s so easy and yet so complicated as that. So we try to create ‘taste experiences’ -this is how we call them-, nuanced, apparently ephemeral but enduring in the culinary memory. To do this, we strongly believe in the excellence of the product. We cook the products that the orchard, the fish market, the forests, or trusted suppliers offer us… they set the pace of our dishes. Seasonal products with their own dimension, and a specifically slow maturation of our environment, because we believe that the best product is the one that is at its best moment, contributing to sustainability, one of our starting points.

Culler’s menu is a continued nod to some products, recipes and even fetish concepts. So, Summer is time for oily fish, white asparagus, baby peas and tomatoes. Autumn brings mushrooms and humidity. Winter is time for soups and stews, traditional dishes that fascinate us. And Spring offers a wide variety of herbs and sprouts. So, every season is completely different from the previous one, allowing us to interpret a territory and add it value through creativity, cooking the stations. The balance of flavours, colours, cooking or textures must prevail in our dishes; sensations that should constitute a healthy, simple contemporary menu with beautiful, harmonious and dynamic results… Dishes with soul that awaken all our senses and touch us.

We want to feed not only the stomach but also curiosity, the desire through an honest, funny, consistent kitchen; and we do it by applying the experience gained in so many hours cooking along with our own life experiences, which always enrich the culinary messages of Culler.



Horse mackerel, Kombu broth, pork and leek

Egg, cheese San Simon and bread crumbs

Cod in its broth, Cauliflower and Potato

Beef tenderloin like a roastbeef, carrot and season vegetables

Kefir, Beet and Pumpkin vinaigrette

Caramelized french toast, coffee, cocoa and raw milk

precio menú 75,00€

maridaje 30,00€ (opcional, for people)

Los menús se servirán por mesa completa

Los menús pueden variar por cuestiones de mercado, pero siempre manteniendo la misma estructura


Barnacles and “stone broth”

Adelina herbs, crispy rice and cream of anchovy

Asparagarus from the sea and the field

Burela’s tuna, pickles, dry tomato vinaigrette

Leeks, cream of sea urchins and corn

Spinach three sauces: kombu, porkshoulder and tomato

Egg, San Simon cheese and bread crumbs

Beef tenderloin, the herb and the milk

St Peter, meuniere sauce, searush and seafennel

Veal tendon stew “caldelá”

kefir beet and pumpkin vinagrerta,

The harvest

Santiago’s pie

Price menu 110,00€

maridaje 50,00€ (por persona, opcional)

Los menús se servirán por mesa completa

Los menús pueden variar por cuestiones de mercado, pero siempre manteniendo la misma estructura